About Us

Pioneer Shade Structures is a well established company servicing the ever present demand for quality pergolas across Sydney and NSW. With a dedication to customer satisfaction, owners Daniel Howard and Corey Schelb believe the key to building a strong business is word of mouth referrals, with countless former customers recommending their work to friends, family and colleagues. They know that satisfied customers are what keep a business strong! In an industry with so many service providers, word of mouth referrals are crucial to us. Therefore we are not pushy salespeople, just open, honest and friendly. We will keep you informed throughout the whole process.

Daniel and Corey have been actively involved in the shade structure industry for over 10 years. With the wealth of knowledge and experience gained over that time, they strongly believe that they can deliver a better product than the competition, and at a lower price.   The owners are hands on and heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the business, and you can expect to deal with them directly.

Integrity is important to us at Pioneer. We firmly believe that no business can be successful if its people are not true to their word and to their values. Therefore when we say that we will do something, you can rely on it. We will follow through on the details of the project as discussed, and see the job through to a proper and professional completion. It is the combination of integrity, pride in our work and attention to detail that set us above the pack, and you can rely on these factors to ensure that you will be wholly satisfied with us and our product.

Why you Should Choose Pioneer Shade Structures

There are many companies in Sydney that offer pergolas and shade structures, all of whom tout their own quality and experience in an attempt to convince you to choose them. Pioneer Shade Structures however has a genuine point of difference – our actual product!   You can scour the internet and find dozens of pergola businesses not just in Sydney but all over the country, and what you will find is a lot of businesses who offer the same typical and ordinary range of products. All will say that they build customised structures, but in truth that is really just a basic requirement of the construction industry, and not a true point of difference. What separates Pioneer Shade from others is that we really do provide an alternative to outdated pergola designs. With a Pioneer Shade Structure your home or business will stand out with an added style that other pergola companies simply cannot provide. At Pioneer Shade we pride ourselves on creating pergolas that wow people! Our passion is in visualising and creating that perfect outdoor setting that nobody else can.   We build modern pergolas for modern people with modern homes! Our directors – Corey Schelb and Danny Howard – each have over a decade of experience designing and building shade structures, and have worked at all levels within the business throughout that time. They understand what is required to achieve customer satisfaction, and their attention to detail ensures that you will receive the highest quality pergolas product at the best price!

Letter from the Director

“At Pioneer you won’t find any fast-talking or hard-selling salespeople, because we firmly believe that the quality and uniqueness of our product does the selling on its own. Instead you will deal with real, down-to–earth and friendly people, who provide honest and candid advice on which you can draw your own conclusions. Personally, I hate receiving the hard-sell and it tends to turn me away from a product even if I was initially interested. So we will never do that to you – call us for a quote and you will see. All of the staff at Pioneer Shade have extensive experience on the building site, so you can feel comfortable knowing that anybody quoting, designing or generally advising you will have personally built over 500 structures, will have previously dealt with every scenario, and will design your job based on that wealth of experience” – Corey Schelb, Co-Founder and Director.

Our Values

Pioneer Shade Structures is a family oriented company. We value each team member, customer, and partner within our organisation.

Respect: We strive to always treat our customers and associates with the highest levels of respect, each and every day.

Pride: We take pride in ourselves and the job that we do.

Diligence: We are committed to the task at hand. We will not quit until the job is complete and correct.

Teamwork: We all work together to finish the job. No one in our organisation is afraid to pitch in and get dirty.

Integrity: We proudly uphold the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, while always remaining fair and ethical.

Passion: We promote a positive and optimistic environment and consistently strive to implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions.