Cantilever Structures

Pioneer Shade is a market leader in cantilever pergolas and carports. A cantilever is a freestanding structure which incorporates an overhanging roof supported by posts on only one side of the structure.

The major advantage of a cantilever structure is obvious – less posts, which equals more usable living space! Why clutter your area up with posts when a cantilever can give you a full coverage and maximise space? The cantilever is our most common design, and can be used in all areas. At first glance it may appear that all cantilevers are the same but in fact every aspect is tailored to your needs, including the height, the curvature of the roofline, and also the direction of the water runoff. Guttering can be included upon request.

So when might a cantilever pergola be the best choice?

  • Cantilevers are best utilised in areas where having a lot of posts is not practical. These areas commonly are BBQ areas, poolside shade or spa enclosures, entertaining areas, or carports. A cantilever is extremely versatile and can be used anywhere.
  • Got a beautiful view that you want to keep? A cantilever from Pioneer Shade will provide you with a great pergola area without posts obstructing that view.
  • As a carport, the cantilever is one of the most practical applications. Save your car doors by removing posts altogether from one side of the driveway! It just makes sense. Further, there are instances where access is tight and having 4 posts would simply make it impossible. With a cantilever, that problem doesn’t exist.
  • Positioning posts against a wall or fence eliminates posts from the living space in front of it. This is very practical for poolside pergolas where you simply cannot have posts next to the pool edging. Likewise, any living and entertaining area is enhanced by a great looking and functional cover without the impediment of posts in your face.
  • Avoiding attachment to the house can often reduce the requirements from council. Where an attached structure is deemed a permanent addition to the house, a freestanding cantilever is entirely separate – like a gazebo – and can be classified as removable. An overhang of your house eave can achieve a watertight finish without the complications.
  • Perhaps your house has irregular angles or heights it can make attaching to the building impractical. A freestanding cantilever adjacent to the building alleviates this issue and results in a fantastic stand alone addition
  • Does your house have a high 2nd story slab? We can underlap that slab, and without any attachment, direct all water runoff away from the building removing the need for gutters and downpiping.
  • By cantilevering both directions from the posts you can create a large waterproof coverage with central posts only and none on the outside. This is a great option for double carports or poolside areas.

A lightweight and versatile option, a cantilever can really create an open-air feeling and fantastic sense of space. If you are unsure as to what would be best – just ask – the cantilever is Pioneer Shades’ specialty!

“The service was second to none, they were extremely polite, punctual and easy going and could not do enough for the customer. The shade structure is awesome quality, great looking and I get comments on it from everyone who sees it. Would deal with them in an instant if I ever wanted another one. Great workmanship and great quality.”

Scott – Lake Munmorah