Carport Builders & Designers

A carport is an important addition to your home if you want to protect what is likely your most valuable possession.

Installing a Pioneer carport provides protection from the harsh sun, damaging hailstones, falling leaf litter and of course those birds.

  • Pioneer Shade Structures can custom design carports to any size or shape to compliment any area.
  • Choose between one of our popular cantilever designs, a freestanding structure, or an attached-to-house option.
  • We provide coverage for cars, boats, caravans, trucks, motor homes, machinery, or anything else that you require.
  • The Pioneer Shade range includes single carports, double carports, triple carports, commercial carports or any other size.
  • Big spans of up to 8m between posts make the area largely free of posts and highly accessible.
  • An arched roof creates extra height in the centre, without exposing the sides to excessive weather. The exact heights can be tailored to your needs. Want to cover a caravan or motor home? Then we will tailor the height to perfectly suit the vehicle.
  • Our PVC fabric roofing does not have any grooves or corrugations which can trap leaves and dirt. The smooth, tensioned surface allows any leaf litter to easily slide off with some wind or rain. Choosing a darker colour PVC can help prevent any visible shadowing from the leaves falling from above.
  • Concerned about overhanging trees? The Architectural PVC roofing is a durable and strong material that can endure falling branches and leaf litter, however, you can always choose a hard roof material like polycarbonate sheeting or colorbond steel if you prefer.

Before choosing to build a carport, it is important to carefully consider the local council requirements, which vary from council to council. In general, structures alongside the house rarely require council approval, where those built in front of the house often do.

Why You Need A Carport

Everybody needs to protect their car.

Today it is common for families to have more than one car, and they get parked on the street, in the driveway and elsewhere. Whether you have a large family or not, you are likely familiar with using your garage as an extra room – and leaving the car out in the open. And cars are expensive! It makes little sense to invest tens of thousands into a new car and then leave it at the mercy of the elements. There is nothing more frustrating than taking your car to the smash repairer after a hailstorm blows over and destroys the roof of your vehicle. Not only are you liable for the damage (or at very least the excess with higher insurance premiums to follow) you have the inconvenience of having to cope without the transport that you take for granted. Too many times we have installed carports for clients who have waited until after that storm and learned the hard way. Protect your investment! Protect your car!

“From the first phone call to the day of installation all went smoothly. They arrived on time on each occasions and show professionalism throughout the whole process. I can’t stop admiring my new carport and pergola. The neighbours have been asking where I got it from, and I am happy to recommend Pioneer to everyone. Well done!”

Christine – Sydney Surrounds