Patio & Deck Shade Structures

Looking for the perfect accompaniment for your outdoor entertainment area?
Well, look no further! Pioneer has a range of stunning shade structure options to uplift any patio or deck area.

Dazzle your friends and family with a gorgeous entertainment area under a brand-new Pioneer Shade Structure. Our stylish, modern structures perfectly accommodate any patio or deck and are custom designed to fit even the most awkward of areas. Additionally, we offer a wide range of colour options to tie in perfectly with any existing architectural features of the area.

Our arched roof design creates extra height in the centre without exposing the sides to excessive weather and exact heights can be tailored to your needs. Additionally, we offer spans of up to 8m between posts ensuring that the area is largely free of posts and is highly accessible. This ensures that your patio/deck area is as open and spacious as possible, offering the perfect living and entertaining area.

“We would highly recommend this company, Steve & Tim were very professional. Produced what we wanted, huge improvement to our pool area. Quality product, excellent service, would not hesitate to use again.”

Cathy and Tony